iClickster Review By WDC



Having used a handful of hosts in our time growing as a company, we have adjusted and found our ideal hosting company which we recommend to our clients, which is iClickster.com.


Why do we recommend iClickster as the ideal hosting company for your website needs?


There are a few reasons we recommend them, and here are some important reasons:

- Fast Servers which are constantly updated with hardware and software upgrades (firmware).

- Good Support team who are ready to respond to almost any kind of request (they added extra scripts just for us onto the server).

- Free Option of selecting whatever Operating system on your Server, a choice between the top two, Linux or Windows (all you would ever need in an operating system).

- Largest Collection of One-click install scripts than any other host.

- Easy to use control panel features for beginners, but contains advanced features for web designers like ourselves to work with.

- Value for Money Prices for yearly, or monthly plans (please see their website  for full list of plans).

- Free SSL (Shared) for times when you need that extra level of security with all hosting plans.

- Free help on transitioning to VPS server, or Dedicated Server if your site grows too big for being hosted on the shared server.



Having used iClickster for the past 3 years, we have had less email support requests (as web designers), because server uptime was high, and email server uptime was never an issue; this reduced our costs by at least a whopping 40%, and we could split these savings between ourselves and our clients.

As for features for web designers; they have all the features a web designer can need in setting up a clients website, from timed scheduled tasks to allow you to run scripts every hour or more, to various versions of PHP and ecommerce based tools.

Their web tools that help track customers and other statistics are very useful to compare with Google Adwords tracking tools to help get a more accurate image of what kind of traffic enters and exits your website and from where.

To conclude, we highly recommend using their services for hosting any kind of website from E-commerce based sites to Magento, Joomla or WordPress based sites, and even basic static HTML based sites would do great on their server configuration.

We do suggest to select the Linux package, as this is the market leader in server operating systems (not Windows), and has the most features, runs most stable, and is most secure.